This audio series is recorded to entertain and enlighten you as you work around the state. Please enjoy this monthly series and should you have a desire to hear a discussion on a specific topic, we invite you to reach out to Chaplain McIntosh.

December 2016 Podcast “Surprises of the Season”

January 2017 Podcast “Grace and Forgiveness”

February 2017 Podcast “Dark Night of the Soul”

March 2017 Podcast “Living a Great Life”

May 2017 Podcast “Mistakes”

June 2017 Podcast “Communication”

July 2017 Podcast “Loss”

August 2017 Podcast “Welcome”

September 2017 Podcast “What To Do When I Can’t Do Anything”

October 2017 Podcast “Celebration”

December 2017 Podcast “Fly High”

January 2018 Podcast “Fear”

February 2018 Podcast “Relationships”

March 2018 Podcast “Staying Connected”

April 2018 Podcast “Anger”

May 2018 Podcast “Your Uniqueness”

June 2018 Podcast “Disconnected”

July 2018 Podcast “Sense of Humor”

September 2018 Podcast “Jokes”

October 2018 Podcast “Service”

December 2018 Podcast “Holiday Heroes”

February 2019 Podcast

April 2019 Podcast

June 2019 Podcast

August 2019 Podcast

October 2019 Podcast – An Interview with Raymond Custer

November 2019 Podcast – Interview with Game Warden Darrin Peeples

December 2019 Podcast – Christmas

February 2020 Podcast – Grief

April 2020 Podcast – Interview with Colonel Grahame Jones

July 2020 Podcast – Interview with Captain Christy Vales and K9 Ruger

September 2020 Podcast – Interview with Chief Wes Masur (State Park Police) and a Discussion on Stress

October 2020 Podcast – Interview with Colonel Chad Jones

November 2020 Podcast – Interview with Major Brent Satsky

January 2021 Podcast – Interview with Rachel Kellner and James Barge of the TPWD CIT Team

April 2021 Podcast – A sit down with AC Cody Jones

3 thoughts on “Audio Series Archives

  1. Enjoyed the podcast from September. Needed it at this time because sometimes you just don’t know what to do but pray.

  2. Love hearing that voice again.
    Always learned so much from you as my pastor. Able to listen and learn once again.

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