An Interview with Asst. Commander Cody Jones

This month, I had the honor of interviewing a dear friend, Assistant Commander Cody Jones.  When Cody graduated from the Academy, he and his family joined the church I was pastoring in Austin.  He was, literally, the first Game Warden I had ever met.  But he and his family became dear friends of ours. Also, it was the dream of many that the Chaplaincy Program become a reality and that is how I came to be the Lead Chaplain for Texas Game Wardens and State Park Police Officers.  Because Cody became the Administrator of the Chaplaincy Program as well as the CIT (Peer-support Team), I thought it would be a good idea for you to hear Cody’s heart to help and facilitate our officers with the difficult challenges our officers come up against routinely.

Critical Incident Team with James Barge and Rachel Kellner

The podcast for this month is and interview with two wonderful Game Wardens who partner in leading our Critical Incident Team.  Of course, these are also two very large personalities who make me laugh when I am with them – very gregarious people.

I wanted to hear from their hearts why they see leading our CIT is such a crucial area of service.  But I also wanted each of you to know that there is this very important resource dedicated specifically to you and your needs in a time of crisis.  We have about 30 CIT members around the state.  This number includes Texas Game Wardens and State Park Police Officers.

I think you might learn something from them that will help you reach out to our CIT if you ever find yourself in a peer-to-peer need.  They will explain about the privacy issues, as well, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your issues stay with you and your peer.

Please listen as they explain in great detail what CIT means for you when you need them.