Those Who Would Do You Harm – Psychologically

Believe it or not, there actually are people out there who would do you harm, psychologically.  They want to make sure you believe everything wrong is wrong because of you.  This article is about the tools and tactics of those who would choose to create within you a sense that you are the problem, not them and their way of thought.

Be aware, there are difficult words that are not culturally appropriate and may make you cringe.  However, work through the article because the information contained within the article will help you to not be duped by those who would use these tactics to cause you to doubt yourself.

Whether they be friends, family or spouse, we need to all be aware of the psychological techniques of those who would choose to do us harm

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Identifying the Spiritual Needs of Your Student in Today’s Culture

Many parents today are asking the question, “I know my teenager is entering a difficult world.  How do I help my teen continue to be strong and encouraged?”  This article can help you with some suggestions for understanding what comes up in your teen’s life and ways you, as their parent, can understand and guide them in these difficult times.

Identifying the Spiritual Needs of Your Student in Today